Short description of the festival in English brit

The festival offers during ten days solo-performances of story-tellers, in the evenings for adults, mainly in German, some in English, spread across the "Bergisches Land", a rural, hilly region east of Cologne in Germany, locations apart max. 50 kilometers. In the mornings some performances in schools by the same storytellers.

The festival was run for the fourth time in a bi-annual rhythm by Stefan Kuntz, storyteller since 1980. 1997 he started together with the Akademie Remscheid the first gathering (and festival) of German storytellers, which was different from the meetings and conferences of the Europäische Märchengesellschaft. He was the artistic director of this festival for a couple of times.

Focus on storytelling, which fights for new ways, either regarding the content as well as the techniques. The festival welcomes storytellers, who create their own stories, who are as well writers. Fairy tale tellers, who tell fairy tales in a traditional way, are very rare during this festival.  The festival supports new and unknown talents. The festival includes training for beginners. 2011 a 2-year-training for regional talents, who are trained as ambassadors for story-telling in their families and neighborhoods. If all goes well, the festival will be continued in 2013.

 Stand: 9.8.2011

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